Coca cola

Coca cola

Product Benefits:


  • Classic Coca Cola can shape – official Coke graphics and famous can design
  • Thermoelectric cooling – this Coke can cooler can cool its contents up to 36F (20C) below the surrounding temperature
  • Interior sliding shelf – use the removable shelf to help organize drinks and snacks
  • Holds up to 12 cans or two 2L bottles – stay refreshed and hydrated with your own personal drink cooler. Great for homes, RVs, trucks, dorm rooms or offices
  • Self-locking recessed handle – push down on the red door tab to access the cooling compartment
  • 12 V DC and 110V AC power cords included – use your Coke can cooler in a vehicle or boat with the 12 volt plug, or plug it into any household outlet
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Coca cola

Portable and compact cooling

Enjoy the crisp, refreshing taste of Coke in the Coca-Cola 12 can beverage cooler. This compact cooler replicates the classic Coke can design, and can be used in your vehicle using the 12 volt DC power plug or use the 110 volt AC plug to power it through any household outlet. Keep your favourite drinks cold at home or while on the go in your trailer, truck or boat.

Efficient thermoelectric cooling technology

This mini Coke fridge can cool food and drink to 36F (20C) below the surrounding temperature. Thermoelectric cooling is reliable and efficient. A built-in fan ensures even air circulation. For best results, keep this mini fridge away from direct heat sources and ensure the fan is not obstructed in any way.

Compact Design Ideal for Home, Dorm Room or Office

To access the cooling chamber, push down on the red door tab. You can also flip up the silver pop can tab on the top of the cooler and use it as a carrying handle.  The 12 can capacity makes this cooler ideal for personal use, and the removable shelf can you help organize your drinks and snacks.

Great gift for Coca Cola collectors

The Coca-Cola 12 can beverage cooler is ideal for collectors and makes a great gift. It’s lightweight and compact design make it the perfect addition to any home, office or dorm room.


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