Who Are We

DT Trade Co., Ltd is an international company based in South Africa, which core and key activity is wholesale of branded Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs) , Soft Drinks Export, Beer , Wines , Champagne, Bio-Fuel Food and Poultry Exports.
Our customers are spread everywhere throughout the world, from Singapore to New Zealand, from United States to Spain and from South Africa to Brazil. We supply to both the middle person and additionally the distributor.

Ferrero Nutella 350g, Ferrerro Nutella 750g,Kinder Bueno,Mars 51g,Snickers,Red Bull Energy Drink,Aptamil,Corona Extra Beer,Heineken,Frozen French Fries,Used Shipping Containers(dry;20″ft/40″ft),Stockfish Cods,Pampers,Gilette,Halal Chicken,Firewood,Wood Shavings,Bayer Contour Next Blood Glucose Test Stripe,One Touch Ultra Blue Blood Glucose 100 test strips,Champagne

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